Monday, December 17, 2007

wangan midnight

sorry for no postin for quite some is becoz i am havin my holiday now....n the other one is being busy with his private life...

Datsun/Nissan S30 fairlady Z are sport car produced in 1970s.Although the car is 30+ years old now, but still, it is very popular.The 240Z was introduced in 1969 with a 2.4 liter straight-6 engine, rear wheel drive, and a stylish coupe body. The engine, based on the Datsun 510's 4-cylinder produced 150 hp (112 kW) and came with a 5-speed manual transmission (USA model received a 4 speed manual). A 4 wheel independent suspension consisted of MacPherson struts in front (borrowed from the Datsun Laurel C30) and Chapman struts in back. Front disc brakes & rear drums were standard.
S30 is also famous at Tokyo's shuto Expressway(wangan).

this real life devil Z. In wangan midnight comic. It produced 620hp with L28 engine which bored n stroked to 3.1 liters n combined with twin turbo.

this red fairlady is belong to a famous wangan team called midnight club. Due to some tragedy happen. The team disbanded. There is because a serious accident happen and there is was probobly because the bosozoku were....being bosozoku.

this is the another midnight's fairlady Z32.Midnight race team from 1985-1995.But still, the member's car appear in the Tokyo auto salon in this few years.

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