Sunday, November 25, 2007

(MCR)matchless crowd racing GT-R demo car

Even if all eyes are usually on the "open class" demo cars, you really can't help but marvel at what cars like this MCR demo car are achieving under the "street" regulations. Arch rivals of Mine's the guys at MCR have built some pretty amazing cars over the years and this BNR34 is no exception.

Based around a V-spec this unmistakable red Skyline pushes out 650PS thanks to an HKS 2.8 kit and twin GT-RS turbines. Even more impressive are the 72kg/m of torque which come at a pretty high 6,100rpm but give some shockingly fast in gear acceleration. Wheel spin in third is all too common at these power levels...especially with s-tyres on wet roads!

Kobayashi-san, president of MCR, is a bit different from your normal shop owner. Unlike other tuners he does not employ professional drivers to race his cars on the track and at various events, but takes care of that job himself. A seasoned C1 racer Kobayashi has lots of experience in driving and setting up cars which is probably what has lead MCR to be so successful.

Shot of the engine bay. Nothing too dramatic, all the interesting bits can't be seen.

MCR GTR runs full Brembo brake kit, F50 calipers up front and Lotus calipers at the back.

the Defi super sports cluster same as Top Secret v12 supra. All of the engine performance n condition will show in just one set of this Defi meter.
Ultimate battle between MCR with Mines GTR which is also a monster level of street tuning GTR.

engine:RB26DETT with HKS 2.8 kit

turbo charge: twin GT-RS

electronic:HKS F-conV pro/ TRUST profec B-spec 2

LSD: NISMO 1.5 way

suspension:TEIN racing spring/super racing


tyre/rim: yokohama advan A048/ENKEI GTC01

seat:bride @ takata

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